• TK Series

    TK Series All-in-one Screw Air Compressor

    Custom-designed for assisting laser cutting machine;

    Air compressor, air dryer, precision filters, and air tank all in one set.

  • EPM Series PM VSD Screw Air Compressor
    Specially designed for laser cutting machine auxiliary design;
    Air compressors, air dryers, precision filters, air storage tanks are all available.

  • PM-II Series VSD Two Stage Screw Air Compressor

    One-shaft PM motor and air-end (air compressed element), avoiding transmission lost; with frequency converter, PM VSD air compressors save 42% energy than fixed-speed

  • LPM 2 stage screw air compressor

    LPM Series VSD Low-Pressure Screw Air Compressor

    LPM Series VSD Low-Pressure Screw Air Compressor

    Low rotating speed while keeping up a good free airflow volume for making sure no energy consumption waste in long-term operation. 

  • air dryer

    Refrigerated Air Dryer

    Perfectly matched for relevant air compressors for further compressed processing.

  • LPM 2 stage screw air compressor

    LPM-Ⅱ Series VSD Low pressure Two-Stage Screw Air Compressor
    Low pressure two stage screw air compressor with best PM VSD motor which can provide client with low compressed air pressure as 5 bar with the lowest specific power, which will enable the best energy saving. 

  • VW Series Scroll Air Compressor
    Portable design, suitable for home and commercial daily use. Quiet and environmental friendly, integrated air tank and air compressing elements. Fast startup and easy maintenance.

  • BD-10A on site BD-15A Air Compressor

    A Series Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
    Economic A series with belt-drive and direct-drive for your choosing. And a whole series of small details that will help to be familiar with screw air compressors.

  • F1S air compressor

    F1S系列PM VSD螺杆空压机

    380V/50Hz/3P 电源。