LPM-Ⅱ Series

LPM-Ⅱ Series VSD Low pressure Two-Stage Screw Air Compressor
Low pressure two stage screw air compressor with best PM VSD motor which can provide client with low compressed air pressure as 5 bar with the lowest specific power, which will enable the best energy saving. 


LPM-ⅡSeries VSD Low pressure Two-Stage Screw Air Compressor

  • Customizedefficient air-end with big screwing capacity because permanent magnet motor operate in higher efficiency than normal 3 phase asynchronous motor;
  • VSD technology save energy obviously at the range of 3 bar to 5bar
  • Self-patentsand won thousand projects in Chinese manufacturing, which help cutting energy cost abundantly
  • Industrial house keeper B&D Cloud(IoT) helps remotely control
  • Refine design in low rotating speed to reduce energyconsumption
  • Two-stage of screws rotating in preset ratio, which ensure maximum energy-saving efficiency



B&D cooperate with top supplier and use superior spare parts to ensure air compressor continuously running. Fault alarms and self-detect system is at industrial cutting edge.

If a target pressure is 0.2-0.5Mpa, if use 0.8Mpa air compressor, it will require a pressure reducer, which is a waste of power in producing higher pressure for you still need to lower it down. B&D PM VSD low pressure air compressors helps cutting 20%-45% energy cost, as you don’t need to “reduce” an extra air pressure.

With original easy management mode and touch screen display, the whole remote control system gets the first patent in industry which can achieve remotely monitoring, revising parameter, giving out automatically alarms and maintenance alarms.

Whole air compressor system is more environmental friendly for accuracy of pressure control inside compression element(air-end), stable air delivery at fixed pressure, oil content ≤2ppm and creatively noise-decreasing technology.

A cooling process conduct between two stages for reaching lower inlet air temperature, and finally enlarge the free air delivery.

ModelPowerPressureFADDrive wayLubricantNoiseDimensionWeightOutlet Pipe
BD-75LPM-II555.516.7PM Variable Speed Synchronization8073±22200155018001280DN80





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