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Unique LS Series

Unique LS Series Vertical Screw Air Compressor
Vertical configuration, and latest mechanical design,ultra-low noise design.All fully enclosed without polluting working environment.


Vertical Configuration Sound-absorbing Design–Lyra α Star(LS Series)

Ultra silent
1.Fully closed positive-pressure case design avoid noise leakage, several levels accordion like air inlet for higher dust-proof and noise-reducing.
2.All connections of the whole machine are in shock absorption design. With B&D style’s strict control on details and quality, the full LS series are in good balance performance, even batter in balancing operation almost without vibration.
3.With centrifugal Fan install on side board of the case, and cooler on the top of the case, the whole layout inside apply computer simulation for optimizing fluid design. Centrifugal fan is relevantly in lower noise and higher positive pressure than axial fan.

Vibration absorption
Main air outlet apply flexible exhaust lines, and connection with flexible clamp as well.(Remarks: Air compressors less than 30KW power is using Corrugated pipe).   

Saving more energy

LS series air-end and motor is Level 1 energy-saving. Apart from vertical configuration of air-end and oil-cooled PM VSD motor, with the seamless internal connection of the oil outlet from the oil-cooled motor to air-end, its refined design decrease oil tunnels and enhance oil flowing, to reach higher efficiency.

B&D Cloud Industrial House Keeper

Remotely monitoring on the platform, and help you keep in loops of all air compressors’ situation. You are always one step earlier than your competitors.

  Model  Disch.Press. MPa Free Air Delivery
Input secific power kW/(m3/min) Start way Cooled way Dimension mm Outlet dia
BD-LS11 0.8 1.82 6.8 soft start air cooled 1020x720x1230 R1
BD-LS15 0.8 2.42 7
BD-LS18 0.8 3.2 6.6 soft start air cooled 1200×860×1520 R1-1/4
BD-LS22 0.8 3.8 6.7
BD-LS30 0.8 4.6 6.9
BD-LS30+ 0.8 5.2 6.5 soft start air cooled 1450×980×1620 R1-1/2
BD-LS37 0.8 6.3 6.5
BD-LS45 0.8 7.3 6.7
BD-LS37+ 0.8 7 6.2 soft start air cooled 1740x1100x1800 R2
BD-LS45+ 0.8 8.5 6.1
BD-LS55 0.8 10.6 6.2
BD-LS75 0.8 12.8 6.3
BD-LS75+ 0.8 14.2 6.1 soft start air cooled 1990×1430×2050 DN65
BD-LS90 0.8 16.7 6.2
BD-LS110 0.8 20.6 6.2
BD-LS110+ 0.8 21.6 5.7 soft start air cooled 2140x1600x2200 DN80
BD-LS132 0.8 26.35 5.7



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