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B&D is a famous air compressor manufacturer and supplier in China, providing both screw air compressors and scroll air compressors for sale. Scroll air compressors are mainly VW Series, and Screw Air Compressors are divided into TK Series, EPM Series, PM-II Series, LPM Series, Unique LS Series, LPM- II Series, A Series, and F1S Series. Our air compressor products come professionally from our high-tech and modern factory and expertise R&D teams. Since we have rich experience in air compressors, we can be your reliable air compressor supplier and manufacturer and offer you high-quality products.

  • TK Series

    TK Series All-in-one Screw Air Compressor

    Custom-designed for assisting laser cutting machine;

    Air compressor, air dryer, precision filters, and air tank all in one set.

  • EPM Series PM VSD Screw Air Compressor
    Specially designed for laser cutting machine auxiliary design;
    Air compressors, air dryers, precision filters, air storage tanks are all available.

  • PM-II Series VSD Two Stage Screw Air Compressor

    One-shaft PM motor and air-end (air compressed element), avoiding transmission lost; with frequency converter, PM VSD air compressors save 42% energy than fixed-speed

  • LPM 2 stage screw air compressor

    LPM Series VSD Low-Pressure Screw Air Compressor

    LPM Series VSD Low-Pressure Screw Air Compressor

    Low rotating speed while keeping up a good free airflow volume for making sure no energy consumption waste in long-term operation. 

  • LPM 2 stage screw air compressor

    LPM-Ⅱ Series VSD Low pressure Two-Stage Screw Air Compressor
    Low pressure two stage screw air compressor with best PM VSD motor which can provide client with low compressed air pressure as 5 bar with the lowest specific power, which will enable the best energy saving. 

  • VW Series Scroll Air Compressor
    Portable design, suitable for home and commercial daily use. Quiet and environmental friendly, integrated air tank and air compressing elements. Fast startup and easy maintenance.

  • BD-10A on site BD-15A Air Compressor

    A Series Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
    Economic A series with belt-drive and direct-drive for your choosing. And a whole series of small details that will help to be familiar with screw air compressors.

  • F1S air compressor

    F1S系列PM VSD螺杆空压机

    380V/50Hz/3P 电源。