Do you know that the nameplate is not only the “ID card” of the air compressor? We can also recognize the strength of the product brand from the nameplate. Each commercial air compressor of B&D is equipped with a machine plate marked with the machine model series, various of performance data, and the machine’s unique serial number(S/N code).


The plate of B&D commercial air compressor is made of metal sign that employs laser marking processing. The printing marks are clearer, more beautiful, more wear-resistant, and long-lasting than ever before. Simultaneously, the metal sign can avoid problems like blurring and color spots of the nameplate. 


Compared with screen printing that during the drying process, volatile chemical raw materials made of it can gradually volatilize into the air, causing pollution to the air and the environment.


Here are some detailed technical terms in the commercial air compressor plate for your better user experience in air compressor solution.

machine plate

CE certification

It indicates that this machine meets the basic requirements of the EU “New Methods of Technical Coordination and Standardization” directive and the requirements expressed in a series of European directives such as safety, health, environmental protection, and consumer protection. It is technical evidence with legal effects in the EU. Please feel free to ask from your contact in our B&D Team for CE Certificates on relevant models.


B&D’s commercial air compressors all are producing under strict standard of CE requirements(e.g. EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:2006/AC:2010, EN 1012-1:2010, etc.,). For B&D, it is a commitment to our customers and strong protection for users.



The model in the machine plate is named BD-LS22. BD: stands for the acronym of B&D; LS: stands for LS series (Lyran-α Star Series) products; 22: refers to the motor power of this commercial air compressor is 22KW(30HP).


Capacity(FAD-Free Air Delivery)

It refers to the air discharge volume by the commercial air compressor per unit time(Here refer to m³/min ), converted into the suction state. Besides, the air displacement capacity also means the ability to send all the air and mixture into all vessels as the rotors rotating with its motor(PM or not, direct or belt-driven due to clients’ need). At the same time, it indicates the volume that come out from the air outlet of this air compressor after its fully processing inside the machine, which you could use it for measuring if could meet the basic or maximum need.



Pressure means the “dominated exhaust pressure” of the commercial air compressor, which is the air pressure parameter tested at the air outlet. When the compressor air pressure rises too high, that exceeds the set value in the system, and the pressure relay will automatically give out an alert, and then cut off the power supply, resulting in a protective shutdown.


Reasons for excessive compressor pressure:

  1. The condenser cooling water valve or the water volume regulating valve is not open
  2. The amount of water flowing into the condenser is too small, or the water temperature is too high;


Input Voltage

The input voltage is also the motor’s rated voltage, which refers to the line voltage applied to the stator windings of the motor in the rated operation state, in volts (V). The motor can only output the rated power when it runs under the rated voltage.

Motor Power

The motor’s rated power in the commercial air compressor machine plate is showed as the Motor Power, which refers to the mechanical power output on the shaft of the motor under the conditions of rated operation (rated voltage, rated frequency, rated load). That is to say, the rated power does not refer to a value in the actual whole operation process , its meaning actually describes the dominated functional power of the motor, and the unit is kilowatts (kW).



Specific power is the only criterion to judge the standard of energy-saving level of the air compressor can fulfil. The specific power of an air compressor is the first requirement for a complete understanding of the concept of input power. We need to know that users’ energy charge is not the output power consumption of the entire machine, but the input power consumption of the machine. While this data mostly you could find in the 3rd party test reports issued for relevant series or models from B&D air compressors, and it may have various of standards in global market.


According to the Chinese national standard GB19153-2009 or even the most strict standard in history GB19153-2019, B&D’s permanent magnet screw series products have reached the national first-class energy efficiency. 

Series No

The series number is the production record of each B&D industrial air compressor. This number is a representation of B&D’s certified products, and each serial number is unique. The industrial housekeeper B&D Cloud has been uploaded the operating data of the industrial air compressor according to the series number, which is convenient for users’ management and information security. Whenever requiring for maintenance or any service, your showing with S/N code to us will help us identified which components and service you can fulfill online or on sites.


Production license

The production license is a certificate that the government grants a production license for an enterprise with the production conditions for a certain product, which guarantees the quality of the product for the public. You could find it on the machine plates as each machines we produced are under the authorization by Chinese government and our strict cost and quality control that you can track.


Made in china

The era of Industry 5.0 has arrived, “Made in China” is being transformed into “Chinese Made in Innovation,” and domestic products have become a symbol of strength and high quality.

As you can see, there is so much detailed information on the plate, and everyone has its own meaning for the user. Here at B&D for your consideration for air compressor. It provides one-stop screw air compressor solution for many industries with professional technical skills and service.


B&D also strives to do its best in all details and desires to stands out as Chinese brand with all domination we got. If you want further information about the machine, please feel free to contact B&D team and check its website now.


“Do you know that the nameplate is not only the “ID card” of the air compressor? We can also recognize the strength of the product brand from the nameplate.”