March 3 is International Ear Care Day. According to the world hearing report released by World Health Organization this year, one-fifth of the world’s people have a hearing impairment, which affects more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. Among them, 430 million people with better hearing have moderate or above hearing loss. This data reminds people to take good care of their ears. However, many people in the world are suffering from manufacturing noise. For noise control in the manufacturing industry, the national environmental protection department has clear environmental protection standards. Noise control is not only a national regulation but also a corporate responsibility. B&D screw type air compressor provides a perfect solution for noise control.

How to reduce noise in the air compressor station?

 Build a sound enclosure
Install a sound insulation cover on the unit of screw type air compressor.

 Set up silencing tunnel
In the underground or semi-underground tunnels of the silencing tunnel, the tunnel wall is made of bricks with good sound absorption. Connect the air inlet pipe of the screw type air compressor with the anechoic tunnel to make the air enter the screw type air compressor through the anechoic tunnel. Using a silencing tunnel can significantly reduce a screw type air compressor’s intake noise and prolong its service life.

 Suspended space sound absorber
The suspension absorber is distributed in the ceiling of the plant to absorb noise to reduce the noise of screw type air compressor.
 Install the muffler
Install muffler or anechoic tunnel at the inlet and outlet of screw type air compressor.

How to reduce the noise of the air compressor? The factors involved in noise reduction include the selection of motor, matching with screw host, installation of the intake valve, direction of internal oil pipe, use of buffer pad, resonance treatment, etc. B&D screw type air compressor scientifically reduces noise and is more environmentally friendly. Each screw air compressor has been strictly tested to ensure quality, and the sound control of the whole machine is also excellent. There are the top 10 noise reduction techniques of B&D screw type air compressor below.

1. Scientific and precise assembly
Every part of the B&D screw type air compressor is scientifically and precisely assembled to ensure minimum noise.

2. Inlet silencing
The B&D screw type air compressor adopts a high-quality air inlet and air filter, reducing noise to the greatest extent and giving workers a good working environment.

3. Shock absorption design
According to the product design, the B&D screw type air compressor calculates carefully and performs vibration reduction treatment for the machine base.

4. Shock-absorbing base
Thicken the base of the B&D screw type air compressor and fasten the installation to reduce the noise.

5. Adopt intelligent permanent magnet motor
B&D screw type air compressor adopts intelligent permanent magnet motor. Intelligent permanent magnet motor has a fully enclosed structure, high efficiency, no transmission gear wear, no transmission gear noise.

6. Use high-quality fans
B&D adopts high-quality fans. The running bearing of the screw type air compressor is reliable and stable, and each part is carefully reinforced to reduce the noise source significantly.

7. Adopt a fully enclosed box
B&D screw type air compressor adopts fully enclosed box, which can effectively reduce the running sound of screw air compressor.

8. Powerful noise reduction detail processing
B&D screw type air compressor is especially outstanding in the aspect of the silent treatment. For example, comb type sealing strip is installed on the closed panel to prevent noise from escaping effectively.

9. Use pure lubricating oil
The noise of screw type air compressor is mainly caused by the friction of mechanical parts. The high-quality lubricating oil can greatly lubricate internal parts and reduce noise.

10. Install sound insulation cover and silent test
For each model of B&D screw type air compressor, airflow and noise calculations have been made from the research and development process. The quality is strictly controlled in the production process, and noise tests are done before leaving the factory.

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