As we all know, the air contains impurities such as dust, water, oil, and other mixtures. If the air in food production is not pure, the food production source will be exposed to a polluted environment, leading to food contamination. What is more, once the pollutants are directly in contact with the food without segregation, the food will absorb the harmful compositions and causes various physical and chemical reactions. This series of adverse chain-reactions will eventually damage the consumers’ s physical health and brings unnecessary losses to the company.

Good product quality is the foundation of food safety in food manufacture. As part of the food products, including packaging and transportation, air compressor solution is the key to ensuring food safety. During the process of food production, there are three common types of compressed air:

1. Direct Contact
This type of air compression is used as part of the food cooling as well as transportation. As compressed air directly contacts food, it requires the same quality priority as any other food ingredient.

2. Indirect Contact
Indirect contact of air compression refers to the compressed air discharged into the general environment of food production, including its packaging, production process, or food storage and ingredients.

3. Non-contact Type
Compared with the two air compression types above, the non-contact type of air compression is equally essential to attach importance. Most food manufacturers have a significant proportion with more than 50% of compressed air applied in non-contact air compression types, which would not contact food production.

With the increased concern of choosing a safe and effective air compressor manufacturer, it is vital to determine air compressors’ usage in food production. Traditional air compressors often use oil for lubrication and cooling, which may bring the oil downstream. The oil will further pass through the system to reach the critical control point if detailed treatment is not conducted.

To avoid oil pollution and eliminate the primary contaminated resource, most food manufactures are adopting air compressor solutions with oil-free compressor technology. B&D’s oil-free series of screw air compressors are carefully designed and developed by a high level of the professional R&D team. Through thousands of tests, B&D is genuinely the professional air compressor manufacturer of oil-free screw air compressor, which can satisfy all your demand.

B&D’s new generation of energy-saving and intelligent air compressors is always advance in technology. The products included the screw air compressor, oil-free water-lubricated screw air compressor, scroll air compressor, and so on. All air compressors can connect to the internet and achieve date exchange through the IoT technology implanted in B&D’s cloud system.

With the intelligent integrated design and the proven engine design, our dry type oil-free screw air compressor engine first adopts the rolling bearing combine with synchronous helical gear and rotor coating design. The new coating material protects the rotor meshing surface without contact. Besides, the four-point contact bearing jointly developed by SKF has high stability.

The screw air compressor module’s advanced design that integrates the integral gearbox with the oil pump achieves complete design integration and meticulous. What is worth mentioning is that our product is approved by the industrial standard, which ensures 100% oil-free pure air.

In the food production process, pure oil-free air is vital for food safety. Oil-free screw air compressors are widely used in the food production line to provide a hygienic and green air source. Committed to become the leading air compressor manufacturer and striving to become the global leading fluid manufacturer, B&D will continue to provide oil-free compressors to guarantee food safety for you.