In the food processing and manufacturing industry, compressed air is used to control valves and brakes in automated production lines for filling, packaging, and bottling. Part of the compressed air is in contact with food or beverages; the other part of the compressed air is not in contact with food or beverages. As the main power source of the food and beverage industry, oil-free compressors have been extremely widely used. So how should food processing companies choose the right screw-type air compressor?

Compressed air standards for the food and beverage industry

Compressed air for food and beverage applications must be absolutely clean and pollution-free, whether used for sorting, picking, mixing, material inflation, or product’s air and filling injection.



Total oil concentration (aerosol, liquid oil, oil and gas) mg/m3

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According to user or supplier’s regulations. The requirements are higher than the first class










Oil-free compressors can ensure the purity of the air and eliminate any possible airborne pollution.

Applications of oil-free screw compressor in the food and beverage industry

Drive and automate the air source

Compressed air is used to control various valves and actuators in automatic filling, packaging, and bottling production lines. With the help of oil-free compressed air, it can prevent the components of automatic equipment from blocking and ensure the safety of the final product.

Transporting, mixing, and batching

Compressed air is used to push raw materials along the food production pipeline. Pure oil-free compressed air can avoid mixing oil pollutants with raw materials so as to maintain the purity of raw materials.

Cleaning the air, filling, cooling, spraying, and drying

Before filling, oil-free air can purge and clean the packaging and mold. If the air compressor is not used properly, the oil in the air will not only endanger health but also pollute food containers and change the taste of final products. In addition, compressed air can also be used to cool newly baked food. Pollutants in the air will pollute the final products and cause production losses without using an oil-free screw compressor.

Purging and aeration

Oil-free compressed air can be pumped into the liquid to increase the oxygen content.

Biological fermentation

In the fermentation process used to produce food components such as yogurt, red wine, and oil cheese, compressed air can provide oxygen for biological bacteria. If the compressed air is not used properly, even if there is only a trace of oil, it will affect the activity of bacteria, resulting in defective and polluted products.

Food storage

In the process of air separation, compressed air is separated into oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen can provide shelf life for boxed or canned food. Since nitrogen is in direct contact with food, the gas must be 100% oil-free. Therefore, it is necessary to equip an oil-free screw compressor for the food and beverage industry.

B&D provides you an excellent oil-free screw compressor

The B&D oil-free screw compressor is advanced in design, and its compressed air meets the pollution-free standards in the food and beverage industry. It is your reliable choice. B&D oil-free screw compressor has passed ISO 8573-1 (2010) zero air certification (certified by TÜV Rheinland). The food and beverage air generated by our compressors is completely free of oil suspended solids and steam, thus protecting your production orders from losses.

In addition, we have a professional team to help you customize oil-free solutions, including the site selection of oil-free machine rooms, pipeline layout, model configuration, and post-treatment equipment combination. And the oil-free compressor will be installed by our professional installation and after-sales team. Feel free to contact us for more information about the oil-free screw compressor.