As a piece of general-purpose equipment in the manufacturing industry, air compressors provide pneumatic power for enterprise production. In the life cycle of screw type air compressors, in addition to the purchase cost and electricity cost, a large part of the maintenance cost is used.


Screw type air compressors need regular maintenance to extend their service life. However, some manufacturing users do not perform maintenance on time when the maintenance time is reached, and some delay maintenance for several hundred hours or longer. Exclude the reason that the order quantity is too large and the production is busy, and the shutdown is not possible for the time being. Among them, the reason why the user wants to delay the maintenance is nothing more than saving money.

However, can delayed maintenance really save money? The fact is that if the maintenance is postponed, it may cause greater losses and hazards.


1.The current of the air compressor will differ by 5 ~ 10% before and after maintenance. It is estimated that if the maintenance is delayed for 500 hours, the wasted electricity is enough for one maintenance. The longer the delay time is, the greater the current difference it will be.


2. If the screw type air compressor shuts down due to delayed maintenance, production and shipment will be affected, and the loss will be even more significant.


3. Delayed maintenance may accelerate the overload operation of the entire air compressor components and affect the displacement.

Influence of air filter on the energy efficiency of screw type air compressors


Air filtration mainly affects energy efficiency from two aspects:


1.Filtration accuracy. After the air filter exceeds the service life cycle, the filter accuracy will be reduced, causing a large amount of dust to be inhaled, affecting the quality of lubricating oil and air compressor parts, and increasing the internal pressure of the oil.


2. Inhalation resistance. The greater the suction resistance, the lower the energy efficiency of the air compressor, which will increase energy consumption.


Solution: Use high-quality air filters with high filtration accuracy and low suction resistance. At the same time, users should be reminded to blow and change air filters frequently.


Influence of oil content on the energy efficiency of screw type air compressors

The impact of oil on the energy efficiency of the air compressor is mainly the differential pressure of oil, which will affect the energy efficiency of the air compressor: the manufacturer’s air pressure opportunity has an initial differential pressure of 0.01 ~ 0.05 kg. Suppose the air filter absorbs too much dust due to delayed maintenance; it will affect the quality of lubricating oil, increase the differential pressure in the later stage and thus affect the energy efficiency.


Solution: When the differential pressure of the oil core reaches 0.08 to 0.1Mpa, the filter element needs to be replaced.


The influence of oil filter on the energy efficiency of screw type air compressors

Delay or non-maintenance will result in poor air compressor oil filter dust capacity, increased oil filter resistance, and poor anti-aging ability of the oil filter.


Solution: Use a high-quality oil filter. The high-quality oil filter has a good filtering effect and also helps to improve the energy efficiency of the screw air compressor.

LPM 2 stage screw air compressor

The effect of lubricating oil on the energy efficiency of screw type air compressors

Delayed maintenance will affect the viscosity of the lubricating oil, increase the metal friction of the compression chamber of the main engine, and reduce the sealing performance.


Solution: Choose lubricating oil with excellent oxidation stability, thermal stability, anti-emulsification, anti-hydrolysis, and anti-corrosion properties. Generally speaking, the lubricating oil provided by the original factory has been tested and debugged, and it is recommended to choose the original factory maintenance.


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