The bright surfaces of various metal objects can be seen everywhere in life, which brings a wonderful visual experience. The surface treatment of metal objects is inseparable from spraying. Air spraying is currently a widely used coating process in the spraying industry. Compressed air is the main power source of the air spray system. The method of using compressed air to atomize the paint through a spray gun is widely used in industries such as automobiles, hardware, professional spraying, and furniture. Screw type air compressor is the best way to achieve air spraying.


The air spraying process has the advantages of convenient operation, easy color change, high production efficiency, good atomization effect, and high-quality surface spraying.

In air spraying, the primary purpose of the air machine system is to provide stable and pollution-free compressed air. Since the compressed air is mixed with the coating, it must be ensured that the compressed air supplied to the spray gun is dry, oil-free, water-free, and free of impurities. Otherwise, the coating quality will be seriously affected. 


Air spraying requirements


No particle impurities on the sprayed surface


Particle impurities are natural enemies of spraying, and their presence seriously affects the surface quality of the coating film. Particle impurities not only directly affect the appearance of the coating film but also directly affect the first pass rate of the coating. Especially in the application of high-level decorative products, the paint surface must be smooth, free of particles, and bright as a mirror.


No water and no oil on the sprayed surface


The oil or water in the compressed air can cause quality defects such as shrinkage holes, pinholes, bubbles, and pitting. Shrinkage affects the appearance quality of the coating film, and the exposed bottom shrinkage will damage the integrity of the coating film, which cannot be eliminated by ordinary polishing methods.


Spray with constant pressure


During spraying construction, the pressure of the screw type air compressor compressed air must not fluctuate greatly and must be controlled within a certain range. If the pressure of the screw type air compressor is too low, the paint liquid will not be fully atomized, and the paint film will be uneven. When the pressure of the screw type air compressor is too high, although the paint is atomized well, it will cause the paint mist to be too fast and cause the paint loss to increase. If high-pressure air is sprayed on the uncured paint film, it is easy to produce paint film defects such as pits and tiny bubbles.


What kind of compressed air is required for the spraying process?


In order to ensure the quality of coating, the spraying process requires that the pressure dew point of the compressed air is not higher than -40℃, the dust-containing particles are smaller than 0.5-1μm, and the oil content is not higher than 0.01mg/m³.


In the actual configuration and selection, the gas consumption at the end of different spray guns and pneumatic tools can be calculated flexibly by referring to the gas consumption description data of the screw type air compressor equipment manufacturer and in combination with the gas consumption demand of the factory.

B&D screw type air compressor EPM Series


B&D screw type air compressor EPM Series can meet the needs of the long spraying operation time, no shutdown, constant air pressure, energy-saving, and electricity saving.


Our screw type air compressor is equipped with a precision filter and a cold dryer in the post-processing equipment for purification. The processed compressed air has a dew point of -70 degrees and a filtration accuracy of 0.01μm. Impurity particles, oil, and water all comply with international standards and meet the gas demand of the spraying industry. For the extremely demanding precision spraying, the B&D screw type air compressor can meet your various needs.


B&D customized aerodynamic solutions for enterprises in the spraying industry, including energy consumption test of old models, site selection of air compressor room, pipeline layout, model configuration, and post-treatment equipment combination. And the screw type air compressor will be installed and debugged by a professional installation and after-sales team.


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